Bloom Bar


The clients had been nursing a dream of owning a bar since University days in Ghana, and had invested in education, experience and savings towards making this dream come true. Their problem was the market was saturated with bars, so how will they open a bar that will stand out unique from all bars in Accra.


Go-to-market campaign for Bloom Bar.


Our research showed us that there was a gap in Accra’s nightlife where a thirst for enjoying a night out dancing without going to a nightclub was not satisfied. It’s either you are out drinking, or out dancing. There was nothing that clearly merged both.

Big Idea

Bloom Bar. An unpretentious open air cocktail bar with good music, guest dj’s and a clearly defined brand strategy.
This led to us creating an ambitious influencer marketing plan that focused on three pillars. ATTRACT, APPEAL and ACQUIRE.


After grabbing their attention, we used the next 6 months in the APPEAL period to create visibility of Bloom Bar’s cocktails and services through organic and viral social media marketing activities. Influencers captured the beautiful venue and cocktails every time they were at the bar which in turn, led people to always post the infamous bloom lights everytime they were there.
After getting a high patronage of the bar, then we went into the ACQUIRE phase with loyalty campaigns aimed at securing repeat customers and turning visitors into brand ambassadors.

  • Bloom bar exceeded their annual revenue targets and paid back all their investor funds.
  • Bloom Bar is the most patronised bar in Accra for two years running.
  • The most engaging and fastest social media page with over 30k followers. Unprecedented in the night life space.