Coca Cola


Coca Cola contacted us to use our influencers to amplify their ATL campaign “What Makes Us Stronger Together” by driving conversation around what unifies us as Ghanaians whilst celebrating the good in others and encouraging the audience to do the same.

Social Media Campaign

The campaign was called #whatweshareisstronger
We engaged influencers to participate in communal and family activities using Coca cola has a medium to share goodness and kindness.


Coca Cola gave customised gift boxes to influencers which included shirts, mugs, mufflers and a customised coke bottle with each influencers name on it and urged them to replicate the gestures to a friend or family.

  • The influencers were required to post an unboxing of the pack.
  • Capture moments of kindness and encourage their audience to do the same.
  • Capture recognisable christmas moments like carol nights, gifts by the christmas tree and link it to how coca cola makes those moments even better.

1 week



  • 18,000 impressions
  • 916,000 engagements


  • 10,000 impressions