Fanta’s was a big brand many years ago but had lost its foothold in the ghanians market. The task was to create brand awareness for original fanta and new flavours introduced to the market, increase sales and reclaim its position as the number one teen drink beverage.


The Approach was simple.
Firstly we identified influencers who could communicate in a playful fun and colorful way tone of voice which emulates fanta as a brand connects with the teens easily. We megred each influencer with a unique fanta flavour that they will represent based on personality.
Then we identified movies, music, food, technology, games and pop culture as things the youths are drawn too. Then implored the influencers to create content for fanta paring it with aforementioned teen interests.

Duration Of campaign

1 month


The campaign was across facebook, Instagram and Twitter


  • 300,000 reactions
  • 50,000 reach
  • 20,000 clicks


  • 100,000 impressions
  • 200,000 reach


  • 80,000 impressions
  • 20,000 engagements

A rise in the demand for fanta in convenient stores