Jameson Whiskey


Jameson recognized they weren't top of mind to consumers here in Ghana, and were not the first choice of beverage to any alcohol consumer


Run a digital and experiential campaign to drive awareness and sales of Jameson Whiskey


From our research we found that a lot of young Ghanaians make decisions on beverage choices based on their friends and pop culture.

Big Idea

This insight led us to the big idea #BondAndConnect with Jameson.
The insight meant that peer interactions and family bonding influenced purchasing decisions. Thus we decided to build interest and top of mind for Jameson whisky using digital influencer marketing.


First developed our Bond and Connect Kit which was a wooden crate that had all the essentials of the Jameson whisky brand; A branded silver cask, t-shirts, a branded cup and most importantly a large bottle of Jameson whisky.
Second, we delivered these crates to selected social media influencers and documented the entire process. We then amplified this process using creatives, video, motion graphics and created conversations using the influencers to share how you could bond and connect with loved ones over a bottle of Jameson.
Lastly, this was a lead up to a main event dubbed Jameson Connects, and we Jameson bottle purchases to receiving tickets.

  • This created a spike in sales by 23% in stores with people going online to recreate their own images of themselves with friends and family and a bottle of jameson.
  • This activation sold 80% of the 1000 tickets released for the main event.
  • 800 Jameson whiskey bottles sold in 6 weeks of this campaign.
  • Main event had 2500 attendants present.
  • Social media recorded 13 million interactions.